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PRODUCTS / Bita Beaded Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Stranded Necklaces - $10/$10/$10/$20

All domestic shipping is a flat rate of $5.00. All International shipping is a flat rate of $15.00.

All these beautiful and feminine pieces are handmade by Afghan artisans. Each bracelet and necklace has a lobster clasp or handmade wire clasp for security. Earrings are hung on a fish hook wire in bright silver tone base metal. Glass, plastic beads and base metal were used to craft these products. All are lead-free.
  • Earrings measure 2" (50mm) long from tip of ear wire to bottom
  • Colored balls are 1/2" (10mm) wide
  • Bracelets measure approx. 7" (175mm) long and will fit most
  • Necklaces measure approx. 18" long (460mm)

*As products are handmade please allow for minimal inconsistencies in size and color.

Click on images below for a larger view.

Red Earring $10

Turquoise/Red Earring $10

Brown Earring $10

Black/Pearl Earring $10


Jade Green Bracelet $10 - matches Jade Green Necklace

Deep Blue Bracelet $10 - matches Deep Blue Necklace

Red Bracelet $10

Black/Turquoise Bracelet $10

Black/Pearl Bracelet $10

Black/Red/Pearl Bracelet $10

Green w/Dark Green Bracelet $10


Brown Teardrop Necklace $10

Red/Turquoise Necklace $10

Jade Green Necklace $10 - matches Jade Green bracelet

Deep Blue Necklace $10 - matches Deep Blue Bracelet

Black Stranded Necklace $20 - necklace styles may vary slightly. Matches Black/Pearl Bita Earrings

Necklace is approx. 26" (660mm) long

Crackle Necklace $20

Necklace is approx. 22" (559mm) long

Crackle/Green Necklace $20– matches Crackle Bracelet

Necklace is approx. 22.5" (572mm) long

Turquoise Stranded Necklace $20

Necklace is approx. 24" (600mm) long

Turquoise Necklace with Pipes (Flower Design) $20

Necklace is approx. 24" (600mm) long

Turquoise Necklace with Pipes (Dot Design) $20

Necklace is approx. 24" (600mm) long


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