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Photo Credit: Andrea Bruce / Noor Images

Our Plan

Due to the unprecedented crisis in Afghanistan, we will be focusing on emergency relief efforts and will work with organizations with whom we have existing relationships.  


These organizations are working hard to address acute national needs such as healthcare for women and children and the severe food shortage and mass starvation that the country is facing.


With more than half the population facing starvation, we feel compelled, for the foreseeable future, to focus our efforts on these needs. 


 Aid in Afghanistan


By working with well-renowned international aid organizations that have operated in conflict areas and that in some instances, have had a presence in Afghanistan for decades, we are assured that the grants we issue will be utilized efficiently and will provide direct aid to vulnerable Afghans in Afghanistan.


In late 2021 and to date in 2022 we have provided $225,000 in emergency aid used to provide direly needed humanitarian services to vulnerable Afghans.

What can you do?

Our ability to continue to support vulnerable Afghans by providing emergency aid is dependent upon support from our generous donors.  

Photo Credit: UNHCR / Jim Huylebroek




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